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Company founded in 1986 as initial activity was the import and export of office furniture and its accessories. In 1995 we started the business as manufacturers of furniture and home office kit.

We are dedicated mainly to the manufacture and finishing of furniture moving parts, having been present at national chains Jumbo hypermarkets, Makro, Leclerc, Mako Master and Office Center, leaving a residual market that was until 2005, when it finally ended up with this sector.

In parallel we have developed the manufacture of furniture for kitchens and bathrooms with clients as contractors, builders and private sector that this was having an increasing acceptance, both by our quality and price, either by providing the customer satisfaction of the work "in the key hand ".

From 2002 we started to invest in commercial decorating, an activity that has been to impose up to today.

We develop projects of commercial furniture, from desks to service panels simple accessory exhibitors to the exhibition, the various shopping areas, including pharmacies, wholesale retailers, ready to wear trade and other branches.

We are devoted to any type of client work in this area since the mere provision of raw material transformed as a semi-decorative panels, MDF, aglomerites, glass, acrylic, aluminum, etc.. until the sale of the finished product.